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Once Human Front Cover

Once Human: Stories
    ISBN-13: 9781573661768
    Publisher: University of Alabama Press / FC2
    Pages: 312, Illustrated throughout

Available at:, Barnes & Nobel, UALP, And All Other Bookstores.
 A manga artist who is afraid that she herself is slipping into a cartoon version of life, a lab technician who makes art with the cloning technology she uses at work, a sociologist hunting for the gene that makes some people want to take risks—these are some of the characters that populate the stories in Once Human. Exploring the spaces where life is shaped by science and the technologies we bring into being, Steve Tomasula’s characters often find that the harder they look at the world, the less they can say. The map that emerges from these stories charts the territory of human longing and the failure of poetry--and science, and technology--to explain the “why” of the world, if not its “how.”

IndiFab Best Book of the Year (Short Fiction) Nominee.

…. a valuable sampling of the work of a compelling and genuinely experimental writer. –Daniel Green, The Kenyon Review

...Tomasula creates a new postmodern, post-human realism that richly traces our infinite potential of self-production, with just enough human left to give it a beating heart. –Quarterly West

…. In Once Human, Tomasula impresses not only with his literary skills but also with the range of his knowledge. The Collagist

To see "The Color of Flesh" and browse other sample stories, “Look Inside” the book.

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Once Human by Steve Tomasula

Once Human

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